7 Things We Usually Forget at Work

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

📌Sending restricted documents.

Sending a “restricted document” to our peers or manager when we expect them to read or review it is just wrong. So, next time you send a document, ensure the link is accessible to anyone you approach.

📌 Not sharing a clear goal of a meeting.

It’s important to share the goal of a meeting, so in the end, we can expect everyone who attends the conference to bring a complete package of insight since they have time to think and observe.

📌 Forget to note and write down MoM.

All of us need to understand what’s the point of our meeting. To make sure you are on the right track, please take a note and write all essential facts.

📌 Sending unclear request.

Sending a request to your peers, but the command is unclear is something some people usually do. When you need help from your peers to do something, make sure you brief them clearly and well. WFA doesn’t teach us to be careless and clueless, and this is the time for us to be more detail-oriented and pay attention to clear communication.

📌 Forget to reply important email

Commonly, we sink under the deadline and tasks. It makes us forget to reply to important emails. This cannot happen again because responding to essential emails swiftly is a priority. To ensure you do not forget to reply to important emails after reading them, you can unread the message to notify you that there's a new email that must be responded.

📌 Skip a meeting

Skip a meeting because you forget it is not ok. I experienced this thing once. I felt so bad about it. To make sure you don’t miss it, turn on the Google Calendar Notification on your phone and laptop.

📌 Forget to drink water

I know this is quite different from all points above; however, drinking water at the office is a fundamental need. You have to drink water regularly to make your body stay hydrated well.

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